From Rams Head Center Stage at Maryland Live! this is Poker Night in America. Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hansen.

We’re back at the Rams Head Center Stage in Maryland Live! for another round of earth shatteringpoker action. You may be using the whole seat, but I guarantee you, you’re only going to need the edge. Let’s get table-side. As we roll on with day 2, here’s who’s doing well and who’s got work to do.

Tom Schneider and Greg Mueller, doing well. Shaun Deeb and Jessica Dawley have some work to do as we continue our 2,550 no limit cash game. Rams Head Center Stage is where we are at tonight in Maryland Live!

– I won’t be in Vegas, I’ll just be in L.A. – They work in L.A. – [Deeb] Yeah, Hastings had a piece before Manning, so I re-chashed for what was given me here, so. – [Hansen] First raise of the night comes from Layne Flack, he makes it $350. – How do you have half? What’s that story? – Two Pete turns 2.0 markup, and I just tweeted Adam, “I’ll take it all.”

Then he sold up the half. – Hold on, he was selling? – Yeah. – [Hansen] There’s Matt Glantz with pocket nines. – No, no.

For the World Series main. – All the World Series? – Woah, even better. – Hang on, he’s selling for the World Series? – They do that. Yeah.

– Who, Hastings? – Don’t worry. I turned down someone that was selling 2.0: Mark Newhost. – Ooh. – Well, how can he go back to back? – Yeah.

Is he even that good? – Yeah, back to back, how can you do it? – It’s impossible.

It can’t be done. – And next year, when he asks, “How can you go three in a row?” – Right, right. I hope he doesn’t that fast, I like Murph. – You’re right, yeah. I hope he does.

(laughter) – People should know how every poker player’s vote. – [Dawley] You should know why they are who they are. I know they all are, but I’m just saying foolproof. It’s smart to sell if you’re a live tournament grinder, because that’s how you stay alive for so many years.

– [Hansen] Glantz flops a set, Flack flopped a straight, and Meuller flopped nothing, and I think he’s going to bet the scare card turn that came with the third club. – I’m surprised at how much the winner does that. It’s shocking how it is. A lot of players. – [Hansen] 1,200 call from Flack and from Glantz. So, we’re going to the river.

A deuce on the river, so Layne Flack has the winner, unless he folds, action’s on Meuller. Meuller gives up and checks. – Check. – [Hansen] Flack will check.

And Matt Glantz sitting on a set of nines… – 14. – [Hansen] He’s betting 1,400. – Ah, so poor.

– Oh, you made it, you might have me. – [Hansen] And Flack, it is the correct one, and he will sweep an almost $9,000 pot. – He might have me. – Least you know. – Wow! Layne got the wine in before he called.

– [Dawley] Well, he said he might have it. – Oh, that’s brutal. That wasn’t wine, it’s just brutal. Brutal I only went 1,400. (laughter) – You didn’t have me beat, ever, did you?

– Gamble? – Before the flop, I mean. – How’d you beat?

– [Dawley] What’d I miss? – On the turn, you hit… – [Glantz] Open face. – [Dawley] Oh, okay. – Had you beat.

– You can’t even look at me or say something straight. – What the heck? – I’m just, it’s the truth. – [Flack] I can’t hear you – There was one tree that I had you beat.

– I like the commentary. – [Hansen] Dawley is all in. 1,150 with ace, four of diamonds. – I didn’t see the dealer shuffle.

– I didn’t see a shuffle, either. – How warm is that deck? – Wait, this flop is the time pot, guys, the dealer pot. – [Flack] Oh. – [Dealer] All in, 1,150. – [Hansen] Shaun Deeb will give her some action.

(laughter) – All in. We’re all in over here. – This could be a big swing, are you re-buying? – [Dawley] I got this. – There will be no losing. – Ace, that’s you, Greg.

– Here’s your tip, buddy. – That seems very lucky for the time pot. – [Voiceover] Dealer, can we see the third card?

– See? Never did. I love the dealer. – Thanks, Greg. – [Dawley] All right, it’s been real.

See y’all. – [Flack] Nice playing with you, Jessica. – Man, that was a tough beat, Jessica, but you know, whenever a door closes, a window usually opens. Although, crawling out of a window is, generally not advised, so that phrase is basically kind of stupid. More poker when we come back.

Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. – Welcome back to Poker Night in America.

All right, let’s check out the updated chip counts. Jessica Dawley is going to be giving up her seat at our table to local Phil DePalo, cash team specialist here at Maryland Live! – No, no, not that one.

– Supposed to be on a curve… – He’s supposed to go broke or lose so much more than he does, or something. – Yeah, it was really good money. – He’s supposed to lose so much, every time I play with him, he’s playing every pot. – But, he just wins. – Those clothes are looking… – But, I haven’t played him for the last five or six years very much, so I don’t know. – That’s not just a normal jacket, that’s a lucky jacket.

– Sometimes that catches up with you. – Sometimes it does, and I understand. – You’ve got a win with the four, six, but if there’s no deuce or seven, then you’re how much closer to ten? And the refi comes, and the really fast play starts. – Oh, yeah, if he doesn’t hit the deuce that hand, the accelerator is down. – We all know how much that card is… (everyone agrees) – That card was very bad for the table.

– Turbo Tom! – We got Tilting Tom and Cocky Deeb at that point. – I’m still cocky… – But he’s going to play his tilt really well, somehow, he’ll just know when the game to win is good… – [Hansen] $400 to bet on the flop. Confirm Deeb, and the call from DePalo. And the turn’s an eight of diamonds, so that gives DePalo trip eights, but gives Deeb the flush. – I agree, I don’t play null element very well.

I do make very thin value… – Who said you didn’t play it well? – [Tom] I do. – [Phil] Don’t misquote me. – [Tom] No, I do, I don’t play well.

– [Flack] It was the guy on the phone that Phil was talking to, I want to know who that was. Phil. Who were you talking to? – That was in his call? – Yes, in a conversation. – It could be a list of 1,000 guys.

– He’s the guy that said for Tom… He’s the guy that came up with the line, actually. – That’s what I’m saying, we’ve got to find this guy… – Who is this?

We got to know who it is. I won’t care. – It’s not a big name. – It’s not? – Is it somebody from Arizona?

– Yeah. – Oh… – [bleep], that could be a whole bunch of people. – No, it could be what his face… – All right, it was Big Al. – Oh, Big Al, yeah, Big Al. – Somehow, he plays way too many hands, but I never beat him, and I’m like, “That’s exactly right about Schneider.”

Somehow, he plays way too many hands. – [Harrison] Deeb shoves it all in. – Which I thought you never did. – [Hansen] Welcome to the table for DePaulo.

– The doctor’s getting some medicine. – He’s taking advantage of the little guy. – The doctor’s getting some medicine. – Most people are littler than me, so it’s okay. – I mean, he’s like… – I think he knocked out my first hand that I actually played.

I met him in ’87, somewhere else, right? – In Vegas. – I’m gonna fold this one.

– Excuse me, ’85, I meant. – What was it, what’d you fold? Show us the big fold. Three eights.

– Eight, six, was that eight, six fold? – Eight, five. – Come on, Shaun. – I can’t show what he folded, too good of a hand.

(laughter) – I don’t even know what that means. – Are we straddled? I guess we don’t straddle for him. – I didn’t take it on lunch.

I still got that much, I’m going to have one anyway. She’s here, ask here. – I’ll try a glass of ice, please. – [Hansen] Phil Hellmuth’s going to get involved in his first hand of the night… – In five minutes, I’ll be ready. – Me too, me too. – Too full from lunch.

– What are you drinking? – Beer. – What kind? – [Hansen] Robert Williamson III going to play his first hand of the night.

It’s king, queen off suit. – I told him to deal in, you don’t wash your hands. – [Hansen] Mueller calls, and Schneider with ace, four. He will call, and so five players will see the flop. – What do you say?

– It’s going to be tough. – That’s the deal in, and doesn’t wash his hands. – [Hansen] Dealer, sevens on the flop, help out Shaun Deeb and Greg Meuller, who have been flopped trip sevens, but Mueller’s has him on kick. Greg Muller will not call the 200 that came from Hellmuth, he makes it 1,200.

Deeb calls. – So you’re droping the five dimer in there. – [Hansen] RW III gets out of the way. Jack of clubs is the turn. Now, Deeb also picks up a flush draw, and they’re both going to check.

And the river gives Deeb the flush. Mueller’s betting into him. – Just call. – That’s bad. I got a seven. – Which seven?

– [Dealer] Jack, king plays. – Yeah, he beat me. – [Harrison] That was kind of half of a slow roll.

– Which seven? – I knew when he said, “Just call,” he got a flush in the end. – At least he didn’t say, “What’s your kicker?” He just said, “What seven.” Not as big of a dig as it could have been. – [Flack] It’s what he does under a Jack we’re chopping… – He answers almost anonymously, “I’ve got a seven.”

“So do I.” – It’s fair. – He didn’t say, “So do I.”

He said, “What’s your…” – [Hansen] And, on the very next hand, Shaun Deeb picks up aces. – But he already gave it away by saying, “I’m just going to call.” – Yeah. – [Hansen] Glantz calls, Mueller calls, Schneider calls, and Flack calls as well, so five players for the flop.

– Does it just peel off, I mean… – Yep. – You’re just a disaster. – I’m a mess. – [Hansen] Glantz hits a six on the flop, so he’s set up. – You’d think we all know each other or something, right? – I would think so.

– Yeah, the way they talk. – [Glantz] 450. – [Hansen] Greg Mueller calls, he’s got a gutter ball. Now to Deeb. A call from Shaun, and so here comes the turn.

– No water, did somebody tip her? – I didn’t order anything. – And a glass of ice here. – Anytime you’re ready… That’s it? You got it? All right, thank you.

– [Hansen] On the button, Mueller will also check, so we’re going to see the river. River pairs the board, and so Matt Glantz is in the driver’s seat. – I said thank you too soon, there. – No, I don’t like it that way.

(Flack laughs loudly) – We’ll go for that. I just meant by the time you got back would be five minutes. – [Flack] A cup of ice and a cup of beer! Thank you for trying to be thoughtful, though. (laughter) – [Hansen] From the backseat, you can see Shaun Deeb betting 1,075. (laughter) How hard will Glantz hit the gas pedal here on Deeb?

– I’m a little strange. If you haven’t figured that out, yet. – [Flack] I know, like you snapped on Junior in that little satellite light. – I snapped on Junior!

– That’s it, just a six? – No, obviously not. (laughter) – [Hansen] There you go, Deeb. How’s that medicine taste?

– Obviously not. (laughter) – Is that sixes full a flat column? – [Hansen] We’ve got more from Maryland Live! when we come back on Poker Night in America. Poker Night in America is brought to you by Draft Kings.

– Welcome back to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hansen. Let’s return to the table. – Narrow it down! (laughter) – In those days, Dave will always be like, “Oh, this is the best internet guy in the world, “I’m taking advice from him.” – He works hard, the same way you work hard.

I said, “Did you forget how great at poker you were? – Yeah, but by playing that way, he learned so much. – He did. – Now, he can just filter that back into his original game, he’s so good, now. – But, look at, remember when Phil was studying with Cantu? (laughter) – I told Phil… – Cantu emulates all of Phil’s bad qualities and none of his good ones.

It’s so sick. He’s so confused, this kid. – [Hansen] Pocket pairs throughout the table here, Layne Flack with aces, Hellmuth with tens, Shaun Deeb with threes. – No more Matt Glantz ways. They never work out well. – [Hansen] Hellmuth raised to 600 with his tens.

– They did. – [Hansen] Mueller folds his big blind. … the one you texted me, remember? – [Hansen] And Tom Schneider will fold his $100 straddle, now, back to Flack.

– Remember the ace, five? (laughter) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s going on here? Hello, Ted. – There’s going to be blood on this hand no matter what. It’s good for poker.

– Look at Deeb. Deeb’s brewing something up, I love it. – It’s good for Layne, because he’s the only one that can handle these three. Win or lose, he’s the same. (laughter) – Deeb-ie’s brewing something up. – He’s got a cauldron over there.

– CD, Cocky Deeb, here he comes. – Here he comes. – Only if I win this pot will I become that. – Bringing the orange chips into play. – There’s only five dimes in there, guys, no worries. – Five dimes, I mean.

– Boom! – [Hansen] Right now, I guarantee you, all three of these players love their hands. I know it for sure. Flack gets first shot at it with 3,500. – If I know Shaun Deeb, he’s likely to have the two ducks right here.

– What could Layne have, though? That’s the question. – What could Phil have? – My hand’s obvious.

I obviously have an over pair, every time in these pots. (laughter) It’s like, so obvious! Why would I have all this money in there? – It’s up to you, Shaun.

– Well, what do you think I put 1,700 in with? Ace, king, I would have shipped, so, I mean, it’s obvious I have an over pair. It’s not even that hard to figure out. You guys are so bad. For three hours, I haven’t played a single pot. All of a sudden, I stuff 1,700 in?

What do you think I frickin’ have? – Like I said, win or lose, this’ll be good. – It wasn’t that obvious. – How nice is it to be Shaun Deebs, sitting behind with all the info? – I know, this is bad for me. – I probably will play perfectly if he puts any money in the middle.

– You’ll do what? – [Deeb] I’ll play perfectly. – If what? – [Deeb] If he puts any money in the middle. – Layne, you in a little sweat from your partner?

– What? – Are you in a little sweat from your partner over here? – Do you want to sweat? – [Hansen] Hellmuth folds. – [Shaun] You’re dead on.

– [Layne] Oh, my God! – Threes! – [Hansen] And then Deed will fold, and after all that, he’ll scoop another big one. – What could I have? – How sick is that?

Why didn’t I have deuces? – What the [bleep] is going on? I waited three hours for an over pair, and they dealt Layne aces? – So sick.

– What could I have? – I wasn’t’ going to show you, and then you said that, and I was like… – Goodness gracious, well I just can’t believe it. [bleep], when am I going to run good in one of these cash games?

Oh, wait, this is only 5k buy-in. Never mind. (laughter) – For some of us, it was more expensive than 5k.

– That’s true. – You could make it whatever you want. – God, that was sweet. – Isn’t that what you start the hand with? 4,000?

4,500. – You would get an ace, queen for 80 more, that’s good. – That’s what I’m saying. – He’s raised the hand before, – And he’s re-raising every hand. – Hold on.

And the hand before, he’s got an over pair versus… – Hold on. – You can’t fold my hand. He’s raising every hand, and he’s re-raised him like four times. – Can you settle down, I don’t raise every hand. Please give my hand some credit.

– I don’t re-raise all the time. Well, yeah I do. – Whatever.

– I sat this one out. – Just so you could have a conversation. – [Hansen] Speaking of raise and re-raise, Deeb has ace, queen this time, made it 300.

Matt Glantz pops it up to 900. – Matt’s been looking so serious for so long, that it’s like, [bleep], I’ve got to get in a hand. I need a conversation. – Oh, it’s not so peachy now, driving in together, eh, boys? – It’s not about being in a conversation, it’s about being in a good conversation.

And then, sitting back when other people talk. That’s what it is. – [Williamson] Quality, not quantity. It’s sometimes better listening to the dumb [bleep]. – If three people are talking every hand, that’s no good. You’ve got to back off, let everybody have their converse, and then jump in when you have something clever.

– Listening is wanted a lot more than… – As much as everyone gives Phil grief, he can do it. He’s sitting there with a peanut, folds ace, queen; folds an over pair, and he’s right both times. – Hey, by the way.

– I won a side bet. – It’s not like he’s just turfing it. – I folded really quickly, and then I won a side bet, I made money on that. – What if I just call that? – But, it’s not like you’re wrong, you’re right every time, it’s sick. – By the way, don’t let his head get big, but tell him what I said about him on break.

– That’s probably why. That’s what sucks, Phil. Is that we’ve got Layne Flack in the game. – No, not even that, before that. I said… – Oh, yeah, that he paid you a really big compliment.

– For real. He ripped everyone in this table saying how bad they are, but then… – 61. – And then, I said it’s unbelievable, Phil’s intelligence at poker.

– It’s unbelievable that he doesn’t have more wins… – I said, it’s unbelievable he doesn’t win more because his intelligence at poker is so [bleep] high. Listen to him speak, listen to everything he says, he’s so [bleep] intelligent at poker. – All in. – Call. – [Hansen] Wow, $28,000 pot between ace, queen and ace, king. – He said you’re behind.

(laughter) – All in, in the call. – You moved the cards up, right? – See, hold on. Phil Hellmuth folds out for 800, and Shaun Deeb gets 20,000 in the middle. (laughter) – Only 14,075.

– Phil folds this for $650 last hand, and he was up against aces. – Try to get Deeb to do a trump. – So, hold on a sec. What were you saying about you and him know about… – You want to buy insurance?

– Queen of diamonds would be interesting; no. – Turn this card over so… – Let us see it first! (laughter) – [Hansen] We’d need the queen on the river.

– This way, this way. – Oh, close! (upbeat jazz music) – I think it’s safe to say things escalated a little quickly there at the end. When we come back, we’ll see how that hand affected everyone’s chip stack.

Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. – (Greg) Phil’s gotta give Shaun a coaching seminar.

– (Chris) Well as we end tonight Shaun Deeb has an awful lot work to do next time, he’s down $31,000 into this game. Layne Flack and Matt Glantz our big winners so far here at Maryland Live. For more from Poker Night in America log onto or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube where you can see complete episodes and unedited livesteams. Also be sure to check out our online store for Poker Night shirts, hats, hoodies and more.

For everyone here at Poker Night in America I’m Chris Hanson. – It bothers me when, you know when I’m getting unlucky or having to make great laydowns. It bothers me but you know my wife was laughing at me on the phone of course. You know I’m in the parking lot, “Hunny, hunny” come on she’s like “what’s wrong with you?” I’m like “I know” cause I care too much and so you don’t want to have to fold an over pair.

On a nine high board against Layne and he has aces. I know it looks great on television and when I fold ace queen, you know and lose $25 against aces and it comes queen high. I think that really 99% of the world’s going broke on that hand, so proud of the laydown but also aggravated like, come on when do I get aces and they get ace queen, you know what I mean. And that’s not really a healthy way to look at it, I think you just have to say, “I played great, I made some really amazing laydowns and so.”

and look at it like that you know and think wow. In the first full day of cash games, encompassing five or six shows. Alright I lost like 5,000 playing poker but the way the cards were it could of been a lot worse. And so I think, I have a tougher with that. I probably still have to grow up a litte bit that way.