HOLLY FIRFER: This is a Las Vegas experience. – Let’s spin the wheel. Let’s see the slots. HOLLY FIRFER: And this is a Las Vegas experience.

IZZY COLLETT: It’s just great for people to know that, you know, other than the neon and the bright lights of Vegas, and the fountains, there’s actually real water and real nature outside of the Strip.

There’s kayaking, and canoeing, and stand-up paddling, and hiking, and camping. So it’s– yeah, there’s a lot to do.

HOLLY FIRFER: If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, start at the Hoover Dam. A guided journey on a kayak down the Colorado River gives you an extraordinary perspective of the massive structure as you paddle your way through the Black Canyon.

IZZY COLLETT: The Black Canyon is really awesome because it has these little side hikes and these little side slot canyons that you can hike into.

Fortunately, a lot of them have hot springs, so they’re just these natural geothermal pools. And, um, the water ranges in temperature anywhere from probably 96 to 98 degrees on up– some of the hottest in certain times of the year can range in the 115-degree range.

HOLLY FIRFER: Stop along the 12-mile route and take a break in one of the mountain’s many hidden caves, or sit back and relax and watch nature go by.

IZZY COLLETT: Yeah, it’s exciting and it’s– it’s beautiful. And it’s so close to Las Vegas.

HOLLY FIRFER: Las Vegas is known for being unique. And Pinkbox Doughnuts boasts unconventional creations by the dozen.

ROBERT ARMANINO: Pinkbox Doughnuts is a affordable luxury that offers a tremendous amount of variety of doughnuts– classic, specialty, or gourmet. And every day, we also offer unique flavor surprises. You’ve got to have the staples. You’ve got to have glaze.

You’ve got to have chocolate glaze. The gourmet doughnuts are a treat. Probably our most popular gourmet doughnuts that we have is our poo emoji donut, which is a buttercream fill and it looks like the poo emoji. We do a lot of stuff from scratch.

So, I mean, you just never know what you’re gonna find. That’s part of the intrigue.

HOLLY FIRFER: Sin City has always been shrouded by an air of mystique, with a long history of mafia connections. It is in this downtown Las Vegas courtroom that many important hearings linked to organized crime occurred. Today, it’s a museum.

JONATHAN ULLMAN: So the Mob Museum is an interactive journey from the turn of the 20th century to present day. And it focuses on organized crime and its impact on American society. It’s fascinating. It touches on really important subject matter. It tells the story of social conditions that have led to organized crime, the way in which crime has been prosecuted by law enforcement and the criminal justice system. But it does it in such a fascinating way.

So you get original video, really engaging interactives, but also artifacts, objects that take people back to real events in the past. Things like the iconic St. Valentine’s Day Massacre wall, the ballistics evidence that was found at the scene of that crime. This was where Las Vegas started. It’s steeped in history. And there are some wonderful cultural attractions throughout the area in downtown Las Vegas.

And we’re proud that the Mob Museum is really loved by its visitors. We’ve been ranked in the top 20 of museums by TripAdvisor of all museums in the nation.