I visit the 2014 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, which is one of the world’s largest trade shows for the casino gaming industry. At this show, which is held in late September each year, gaming manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world spy their latest products and technologies to casino executives.

It’S a great show to attend, because visitors can try out often there was some machines before they’re available to the general public bus. There are many celebrity appearances and other fun events and this segment i speak with Mike Trask, who is the senior corporate communications manager at Bally Technologies about their new taken place. Gaming system that allows you to download your favorite slot machine on to a mobile tablet played elsewhere in the casino okay, my cat same CIF, something like new this year, that’s a not out yet yeah. This is % uh product, we’re introducing called taken play on this.

What this does actually allows players to take their favorite game with them on the go so say, you’re playing shadow diamond here, and you know your if you’re on a hot streak, maybe just enjoy the the phenomenal graphics. Or what have you in you know see. We’Ve all been there, you sit there. You’Re planning on the wife wants to go. Do something else.

You know she wants shoppin choice, training. You know our whatever the case may be feel like. Well, I don’t wan na cash out. Well, you don’t have to now is what you do? It’S all you do at the service, but like follow your tablet, so again, some casinos who want to do this with their own tablets. It could be wrong on an app that can be on any number of ways put in your code.

That gives you establishing lots, people who are walking by in the case, you don’t know this game is being played remotely towards it. You know this: this black and white tight collar will block all your players. Account information will will can protect your privacy, won’t say how much about Inc, so people won’t know.

If, if you know your your big spender, like you Steve, I know you know maybe you’re like I don’t wan na know that I’m only really play in one line. You know one real one line. One penny walking any opened up in additionally, it will often be the to ticket in cash and think so, even if someone sits down, they don’t realize for some reason that this is black and white and said this game is being played. Remotely tried to put money in it would not accept it. So here you are on this same game out out, so the results are shown their to own, but not the credit values right but shows that’s being played of you go play play play.

Then you say you know what bad enough right so again, guy game, take it to the pool. Take restaurant. Take it to any area, depends on the jurisdiction. Take it up to your room, every maybe a especially some jurisdictions. We’Ve seen up. We can’t smoker.

You might not feel the purchase a drink on the casino floor. Take it with you, so your daughters, all you do it, the service there and the remote session, so Sauget il pull up here. Alright of what I will you have to go back, you have to go to the to machine the log out and I how many times you walking through casino you get feel like I’m lost.

I can’t remember where I got it, you, you have a locator. You can find it film, you can talks to locate but Ill make the top like playing eggplant. Fine, it’s like in the parking lot. You can’t put your car if the pushin listening for tall a lot of people would need this for their car. So you find that just enter your code back in which will be displayed on the then summit and back were you able to cash out?

I sat down this, but you would never be able to cash out on the on that padded cell. We have to go back to the shop to the game or there are some things built and where, after a certain amount of time, say you go up to your roomie fall asleep or all whatever. The case may be, after a set amount of time by the operator. Will time out a sense, it’s connected to your players account. You would feel the club, your money, that way, and and where will this be introduced person? What and what time frame are we looking at our look at it at a few overseas markets to begin with % uh, but it’s going through the regulatory approval in Nevada now in and you know, the regulatory approval process is a a long one as it should Be in the gaming industry and % uh, so as we we get more and more approvals will start putting it on for sale, and the only thing is just a neat little thing that this really going to connect with players give them another option.

Audit. It is very it’s an intriguing and again, but what’s a mess is called taken play from Bally Technologies all right. Thank you very much Mike.