Good morning, from chilly Las Vegas, Nevada. Mmm, today we’re going to the strip. Everything looks so different during the day, here in Las Vegas. I didn’t really notice that construction site last night. Fremont Street, mmm, slowly waking up. We have breakfast here at The Hash House A Go Go, but I’m glad we decided to share in this sage fried chicken benedict.

It is huge. Let’s go for a walk. There’s a huge mural on the side of our hotel. Here’s the Golden Nugget, the largest casino in the downtown area, dating back to 1946. Hmmm, pretty fancy lamp here in the lobby and the fishtank back there is pretty cool too. The famous pool is closed.

That’s the pool that had a shark tank behind it. Golden Nugget. There’s the construction. Here’s what Fremont Street looks like during the day and we’ve heard that bar is pretty good. I think that’s our room. Not really.

I think we’re right under the TV and the glass dome is Oscar’s Steakhouse, supposed to be really good. By the way, all these views are from the pool area. It is pretty cool how Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains. I had never noticed that before.

And there’s the light canopy over Fremont Street. It is pretty quiet up here on this rather chilly morning. Let’s go to the strip.

Wow, cool looking building. In my mind, it kind of looks like a Salvador Dali rendition of one of the Media Harbour buildings in Dusseldorf. Here we are.

Let’s check out The Venetian first. (light piano music) Oh, wow. This is grand. This is, by the way, the second largest hotel in the world, only surpassed by it’s namesake in Macau.

This area here with the fake blue sky is called Grand Canal Shops. Basically, an upscale shopping mall with a bunch of dining options and it is always daytime, no matter what time it really is. But that’s the whole idea, right? That’s the whole point of Vegas, for you to lose track of time. We came with the idea of getting a gondola ride, but soon decided against it.

First of all, it is rather pricey. And second, it does look and feel kind of cheesy. Maybe we’ll wait a couple of years and do the real thing in the real Venice.

That’ll be cool. This here is St. Mark’s Square, which is a rather loose interpretation of Piazza San Marco in Venezia and we arrive right on time for the hourly music performance. Wow, that was really nice. Now, for something a bit more lively. Oh, the gondoliere.

Maybe we should get something to eat while the band plays its own rendition of Despacito as an encore. No comment. (light acoustic and flute music) And there they go. The ice bar was this way. Yeah, there’s an ice bar we might go to. Apparently some of the gondolieres sing to you.

We’re still not gonna do it, though. (laughing) And there’s the ice bar I was telling you about, but instead we are going to have a glass of wine at Piazza San Marco. OTTO Pizzeria. Prosciutto de parma.

Right here. And Piazza San Marco doesn’t get much better than this. And now a cheese plate, because why not? (camera clicking) (light Italian music) There’s a rare clock here in Vegas. Generally, they want you to lose track of time. You know what happens at the top of the hour?

Another musical act. (light orchestral music) Ooooh, there’s a juggler too. That’s where we ate, OTTO Pizzeria. Excellente prosciutto de parma and cheese plate and sangiovesa, mmm, to die for. And they have a human sculpture now. Sin City Brewing Company, we just ran into this serendipitously, so let’s give it a shot.

– [Bartender] All right, I’m gonna start with you. – [Robert] Single IPA. – [Bartender] Hold on. – [Robert] Double IPA at the Sin City brewing company.

Not bad, not bad at all. (light Italian music) And we are back outside. Quinceañera, perhaps? The Rialto Bridge. The winged lion.

Palazzo de Cali. All symbols of Venice. Oooh, and the Campanile de San Marco. With that, we say goodbye to The Venetian for today. On to our next point of interest. – [Announcer] Colors and player-payback free play credits.

(rock music) – [Robert] Pretty cool McDonald’s arch. Here’s some contrast for you. We’ve got showgirls and a few feet away, Mickey Mouse. (laughing) There’s a Caesar’s Palace and The Linq. And there’s Chewbacca.

And a pretty cool sounding rock band here at The Carnival Court. There’s my new favorite sign right there, with the digital columns all wrapped around in super bright LEDS. Welcome to the future. They have In-N-Out Burger. It has been five years since our last visit to Sin City and there is a new attraction in town, probably more than one, actually, but there is one we are particularly interested in and it is through here, through the Linq Promenade.

It is called The High Roller and as of 2017, it is the tallest Ferris wheel, or observation wheel, as they are called too, the tallest one in the world. And of course, by the time you watch this, this may have already dwarfed by two other observation wheels under construction, one in New York and one in Dubai, both expected to open to the public some time in 2018. Well, let’s do it. This is not our pod, by the way.

Ours is supposed to have a bar. Well, this is it. We opted for the happy hour option. Which is an extra $20, but it includes open bar for the 30 minutes it takes to go up and down, all around.

– [Bartender] I don’t know. It’s making like a weird noise. Okay, just shut it. – I’m here doing a time-lapse. And we have reached the top, 550 feet above ground. This was The High Roller, very nice.

Well, that half hour sure went by quickly. – [Bartender] There’s a weird little step. – [Man] Have a good one, happy holidays.

– Thank you. Check it out, it’s a Class C. We exit through the gift shop, naturally. (camera flashing) And they have two pictures waiting for us. I don’t usually go for these green-screen pictures, but hey, I’ll blame it this time on the bottomless gin and tonics at The High Roller.

And there’s a guy painting behind what looks like a DJ booth. ♪ It’s only just begun ♪ ♪ Don’t tell me Earth is running ’round ♪ Yeah, I think this Linq Promenade, this is pretty new too. This wasn’t here the last time we were here. We go into The Linq and put some money on the ol’ slot machine. Why not?

And we exit through this very lively bar and PayPal casino. It’s like an Irish pub and it’s called O’Sheas. Music, gambling, and booze everywhere. Ah, it is such a fun town and I don’t even like to gamble. Okay, let’s walk back into the Linq Promenade and then back to Las Vegas Boulevard.

It is still kind of early, or so we think. By the way, fun fact, in December the sun sets at about 4:30 PM, which I think is really convenient for a city like Las Vegas, which thrives on the shiny lights at night, but not very good if you wanna take advantage of the daytime. Let’s cross to the other side of the strip and go into the Caesar’s Palace. This is Las Vegas strip, guys.

Hmm, interesting haircut here on this tree. Here we are, Caesar’s Palace, let’s check it out. I haven’t been here in years. Pretty fancy and this is an older hotel. It originally opened in 1966, although I don’t think there’s much left of the original structure.

It has undergone many many expansions along the years, particularly in the 90s and the early 2000s. This area, with the fake blue skies, is called The Forum Shops, built in 1991, and it was the first high-end shopping mall here that became an attraction in itself. And it is today, the most valuable piece of real estate in the city. I don’t know, but I recall the fake sky to look more real in the past, but it is probably just me. There is The Fountain of the Gods. And the Atlantis Show, the flat screens depicting underwater images.

We are looking for The Statue of David, but we’re getting tired. I don’t know if we’re gonna make it. Look, there’s Rolex. (upbeat dance music) Yeah, we never found that David statue and I found out later that the statue is actually at the hotel lobby, but that place is so huge, we got lost. And when did night fall? Have we been here that long, really?

Anyways, as you can see, the strip looks much prettier at night, with all the shiny lights. And check it out, a Fifth Wheel cruising down the strip in style, huh? We decide to go into The Bellagio. These corridors here almost remind me of the covered passages in Paris.

And here’s the hotel lobby and its most famous feature, the ceiling, The Fiori di Como, which was designed by Dale Chihuly. It is composed of 2,000 hand-blown glass flowers. The conservatory and botanical gardens, with these over-the-top Christmas decorations, as is tradition this time of the year. The conservatory actually undergoes five seasonal transformations during the year. The main attraction at The Bellagio is actually outside and it consists of this dancing water fountain, which is actually synchronized to music. It’s very very way cool.