We’re going to Las Vegas, Nevada. I must say the TSA, more efficient than usual.

We didn’t have to take off our shoes or anything, so that’s… Sometimes things improve and this time they did. (upbeat electronic music) It is a long walk to our gate. We are at 351, which is all the way to the end.

This is, of course, concourse D, which is over a mile long and there’s even a La Carreta location. A La Carreta, by the way, is a Cuban restaurant chain here in South Florida. Well, as you can see, no RV travel today. We’ve decided to fly to Las Vegas for the weekend. We’ve got a pretty good deal, so off we go. We’re here leaving on Friday night and returning on the red-eye on Sunday, arriving back in Miami early Monday morning.

It should be fun. We do this every four to five years. You know, last time it was in February of 2013.

It is an old, uncomfortable plane, but the good news is that five hours later, we are landing in Las Vegas. The Stratosphere, the Circus Circus, and the rest, the strip. Yeah, check out that view of the strip. Here we are, Las Vegas McCarran Airport.

And just to make sure we’re here, there are slot machines all over the terminal. So, we have arrived at Las Vegas airport. Now we’re gonna take a taxi. Actually, we decided to take an Uber instead of a regular taxi and the ride-sharing lanes are all the way back inside the parking lot. The Uber driver takes us through Western Avenue, where all the dispensaries and strip clubs are.

Yeah, it is a whole different Vegas down here. Anyways, this time, we are staying downtown, instead of the strip, at the famous Plaza hotel, famous for being Biff’s Pleasure Paradise in the movie, Back To The Future Part II, and the quintessential, you know, classic hotel here in Las Vegas. Well, this is our room here at The Plaza. And this picture, The Plaza. It’s a very elegant, old-fashioned kind of decor. But check it out.

Look at our view from our window. It’s a little dirty, but Fremont Street. We’re gonna go check it out now. Oooh, they turned off the lights, which means it’s time for the Viva Vision Light Show, which happens every hour, after six PM. Let’s head downstairs.

(upbeat electronic music) Going through the lobby, the casino is here to the right. So many lights. This right here is classic Las Vegas, before all the oversized mega hotels of the strip. And I really like it. I really like it here at the Fremont Street experience.

Doesn’t our hotel look like it isn’t really there? Hmmm, weird. – [Announcer] The ultimate zipline. Experience this one– – [Robert] This light canopy above originally opened in 1995 using incandescent light bulbs. How retro is that?

But at the time, it was a technological marvel. It was upgraded to LED in 2004 and now called Viva Vision. There is also the SlotZilla Zip Line.

Tempting, really tempting. And we also have plenty of bars along the way. (upbeat dance music) Fremont Street here was the first paved street in Las Vegas and it also had, you know, the first hotel, the first telephone, traffic light, elevator. You get the point, right? Nowadays, man, the colorful characters.

– [Announcer] This hour’s Viva Vision presentation. – [Robert] You see? That’s what I meant by colorful characters. ♪ It was the summer of ’69.

This here is one of the three music stages along this five blocks covered by the canopy and they have free concerts here every night. ♪ Mikey got married ♪ ♪ Should’ve known we’d never get far ♪ We are visiting, of course, right before Christmas. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Best days of my life ♪ This here is The Tony Marques Band. There you go, more colorful characters. One thing I like about Las Vegas is that it is a city that knows how to do entertainment right. The band sounds great.

You know, great sound quality and they often call this town Disney for adults, really just because usually it is such a flawless experience. When it comes to production value, everything is world-class here. We’ve reached the end of the canopy, as we continue walking towards the east Fremont Street area.

There’s The Heart Attack Grill, where you can eat for free if you weight more than 350 pounds. And there are all these classic, restored neon signs from yesteryear. (hip hop music) – [Woman] Las Vegas.

– Different type of party vibe around here. Definitely, with a bunch of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Yeah, maybe we should return to safety. Yep, this area is definitely happening and gotta love the classic neon signs. It is way past midnight, actually past three AM, according to our eastern time biological clocks.

We haven’t been out this late in years and we are actually hungry. Let’s find something to eat. We end up eating here at Taqueria El Buen Pastor. Good tacos and quesadillas at one AM, Vegas time, four AM eastern, good times.

The last Viva Vision show of the night is getting started. Styx, Come Sail Away is playing over the loudspeakers. I think we’ve done enough here during our first, what, three or four hours in this great city. Subliminal messages on the canopy, you think?

Well, that was our first night. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.